About us


Smokehut was created by twin brothers Brandon and Christopher Ruffin.

"There are some serious problems with the snacking industry in America. The healthy choices taste terrible, and the tasty choices are terrible for you. We set out to make a difference, and Smokehut Jerky is the result."

We grew up on a ranch outside of Dallas, Texas and have always had a passion for growing our own food and getting our meat from healthy, humanely treated, pasture-grazing animals. We spent countless days with our grandfather, a retired doctor who owned the land, learning the importance of living an active lifestyle and eating quality food. He'd always say, "Every process in your body starts with the nutrients from what you eat. When you fill up on junk food, you look and feel worse, and get sick more often. You wouldn't put old grimy gas in your car, would you?" He'd pause, let out a laugh and ask, "Well what's the difference?" 

The lessons from our family and our own education and research solidified our vision. We would create something exceptional - something people can't resist, while being proud to know what it's made of. We are fully committed to health and quality, and will not compromise on either one, ever.

That may sound simple enough, but it puts us at a disadvantage. We set the bar higher than our competitors, while knowing that affordable pricing is the only way we could share this luxury with the world. Comparatively, our competitors fill their products with unhealthy additives, often to add weight. They pack their "food" with artificial ingredients, preservatives, MSG, and many other toxins and chemicals. They own the farms, the factories, and millions of dollars in equipment, and they cut corners that we don't. But we are not driven by profits, and two hard years later, we realized our dream. Smokehut offers the healthiest jerky around, at an affordable price, with a flavor that can only be created from delicious, hardwood smoke. We believe we've created something special, and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

We are proud to be a Christian organization, and 10% of our proceeds are donated to churches and charities. Thank you for your support.