Terms and Conditions / House Rules


Hey there, good lookin'. Unlike most websites, this page won't be filled with a bunch of legal text and things that will make your head spin. We have just a few things to note here. 

1. All content on this website is strictly the property of Smokehut LLC. You may not use any of our text, pictures, or other content without our permission. 

2.  Like most websites, this site uses cookies. These cookies don't collect personal information about you, and we certainly don't give your details out to other companies. You are free to block the use of cookies on your own computer, but we can't promise everything will work as intended. 

3. This rule is impossible to break. You must enjoy Smokehut Jerky products. If for any reason you do not, please contact us so that we can patch the hole in the space-time continiuum!

4.  It is against the rules to be unhappy on our website. We are a happy bunch, and now that you're here, we hope you are too!

5.  We will only round up the sheriff if you break rule #1. Copyright infringement is some serious business, and it hurts our feelings.